Tally Prime Server



Tally Prime  Server

User Unlimited user
Remote access (Tally.net) 50 user
Backup Schedule Backup
Applicable Only for Gold Edition


TallyPrime Server allows multiple users to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Its ease of use makes it a much sought-after product to enable parallel, quick, and protected access to data across a single platform for multiple operations in a business. For large and small businesses looking for efficient functions to transform their business, TallyPrime Server is a must-have TallyPrime Server provides greater control and power to users to transform peer-to-peer access to a server-managed access point. There is a high degree of scalability that is very efficient to access or modify data when working through this platform. The access to each single user is provided in individual snapshots thus allowing multiple users to perform operations seamlessly. Data consistency and integrity are maintained when there is intensive use in a single business environment. With this server’s dedicated operations management, new users can continually be added to the network without affecting the work or blocking user access to tasks being done. The end result is complete efficiency and optimization of the business processes.

Concurrent operations management is a very useful feature for medium and large business enterprises. Thus, there is optimized time utilization for multiple users working on a single server.

When working on the TallyPrime server, data file locations remain protected. Operations like backup, data restoration, etc., remain protected and controlled with separate permissions to access these functionalities.

Maintenance operations for the software and backup are done at late hours or odd hours allowing users to work uninterruptedly during peak business hours.

Optimize business functions with access controls, tracking facilities, user login data, etc. Users can identify issues such as man-hours necessary for business functions and further optimize the software to make the process quicker.

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